Learn Unpredicted Gifts: Learning and believing at CAMH

Published on May 16th, 2014 | from CAMH Education

Unpredicted Gifts: Learning and believing at CAMH

By Jamie Summer, Research Technician, Temerty Centre

We noticed Jamie on Twitter, where she often spreads the words of CAMH, including her previous experiences as a student and current position at CAMH. We asked her to write a bit about it here.

Sometimes, life resembles an unfinished book. The predictions of future plots, various erratic twists, audacity of the narrators when transcending obstacles are ever so curiosity provoking, and the interpretations of these events are captivatingly dissimilar between persons. Each time you reread the previous chapters, there is more of an understanding of the story development and relationships between characters as your knowledge and experience amass, and some from the mysteries in the past may unfold in the act.

This is my story with CAMH.

As an undergraduate student in another health discipline more than a decade ago, I have chanced upon an extraordinary opportunity to become a volunteer research assistant at CAMH. That role has since evolved into a work-study position.

From the beginning, I have learned the significance and emphasis CAMH has placed upon client centred care, protection of confidentiality, concise yet thorough communication, collaborative team environment, and continuing learning. Ensuing encounters throughout the years at CAMH have only substantiated the understanding. This fascination for the orgnanisation has ignited my passion for mental healthcare and inspired me to further my education in psychology. I have acquired the worldview that each person is the summation of interrelating biopsychosocial determinants, an understanding that disordered thoughts and behaviours are conclusions of various circumstances rather than personal misdeeds, and an insight that the attainment of knowledge is a platform for establishing compassion and sincere human interactions.

Recently, I have returned to CAMH as a research technician at the Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention. The degree of involvement in training, the wisdom imparted by colleagues, the cohesiveness of the team, and the immense support from the organisation have reaffirmed my impression of CAMH. I have the pleasure to be surrounded by passionate and brilliant individuals whom are motivated by their abiding aspirations to contribute to the society, and inspired by the strength and determination displayed by our clients and their loved ones through difficult journeys.

Presently, as I reread the past chapters, I am able to connect the dots and realise that enlightenment has not only encouraged me during my educational and career pursuits, it has aided me in maintaining an optimistic outlook at times when traumatic events have come in tidal waves. I genuinely hope others are able to find something that means to them what this organisation has meant to me, and never cease to believe in the unique beauty in every person.

I believe learning has no end, as I continue to humbly learn from each person I meet, I will always remember that the initial thoughts of giving and genuine interests in learning have resulted in these unpredicted gifts.

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