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Published on November 13th, 2014 | from CAMH Education

CAMH Education at #hackathought, the Thought Spot Hackathon

As you’ve likely heard or read, last weekend Thought Spot hosted #hackathought—a hackathon—at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone.

Hackathons are events held for programmers, graphics and interfaces designers, project managers and others participants involved in software development to collaborate intensively on a project, as groups or individuals. For #hackathought, this also included mental health practitioners and advocates. The goal was to rework the mythoughtspot.ca data into an app or smartphone-friendly format.

As the founding partner in this student-driven project, a few CAMH Education staff and management attended the hackathon, mentoring and encouraging the teams taking part.

Here are some of our impressions.

Pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic engagement displayed by the students. They had lots of questions showed no reluctance to ask them.
Doug Giles,
Social and Mobile Media



This was not your typical hackathon—from the poet in residence to the healthy food choices, and the fact that people had to go home to their own beds and get some rest at night, the focus was really on mental health and wellbeing. And it must have struck a chord with participants. The fact that they virtually all came back for the entire weekend was a testament to their desire to be part of something special. 
Tim Tripp Director,
Library Services & Knowledge Moblization
The passion and energy was inspirational. People with different backgrounds and experiences came together around a common problem and developed innovative and creative solutions. What was achieved in a single weekend was truly amazing and will have an impact on many people in a short time. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in this event.
David Wiljer,
Senior Director, Transformational Education and Academic Advancement



I was impressed by the diligence and amount of energy each team put into their projects. The number of unique approaches and the data they chose to focus on was pretty enlightening.
Annie Hart,
Social and Mobile Media

We’re so proud to have been able to create this opportunity to expand access to mental health and wellbeing information for students!


Read this great post about #hackathought on camh.ca here. (link)

More details, including team profiles and links to the presentation and award videos are on the #hackathought ChallengePost site. (link)

Check out the original Thought Spot crowdsourced map at  http://www.mythoughtspot.ca/ (link)

Watch the presentation for Grand Prize winner Check It!

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