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The Mind of Donald Trump

Why my CAMH podcast co-host Dr. David Goldbloom won’t tell me whether he thinks the American President is mentally fit for office

By Sean O’Malley, Senior Media Relations Specialist, CAMH

For fans of planet earth, this has been a tough week.  President Trump signed an executive order allowing for oil drilling in some of the most environmentally fragile parts of the United States.

And in his spare time, via Twitter, he threatened nuclear war with North Korea.

So once again, Canadians are being forced to wonder what’s going on in the mind of Donald Trump.

Co-host Dr. David Goldbloom and I had decided to devote the second official CAMH podcast to all things Trump before he did either of those things, but there is nothing like the threat of nuclear Armageddon to focus the mind.

I had been meaning to have a conversation with Dr. Goldbloom about what role he should play as a psychiatrist, if any, in the global conversation that continues to rage about Donald’s Trump’s mental health.  When I first broached the subject with him last summer for a blog I was writing, he said his professional code of ethics precluded him from diagnosing anyone he had not met.

I wanted to know if everything that has happened since had made him change his mind in any way.

I also wanted to ask him how we can talk about Donald Trump without disparaging people with lived experience of mental illness.  As you will hear in the podcast, some of the words being casually tossed around to describe Donald Trump –  psycho, madman, etc. – are hurtful and offensive to the millions of people who deal with mental illness.

The good doctor allowed me to vent about my own feelings regarding the 45th President of the United States, while giving me guidance, as does my colleague Jackie who is living with mental illness.

We hope you tune in.

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2 Responses to The Mind of Donald Trump

  1. Afsheen says:

    I’m really thrilled !
    Already a podcast addict, I guess this would be an absolutely palatable series.
    I only am worried about the sound when played online , it needs to have a bit higher volume. It’s low for my liking .
    Thumbs up!

  2. annick aubert says:

    Aren’t psychologists the experts who should be consulted ?
    Why are they silent, ?
    What about the therapists, on lline consultants, grapholgists, counsellors ?
    Aren’t they the ones who study the mind ? and observe from a distance ?

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