Learn Featured Resources to Support Families for Family Day 2018

Published on February 19th, 2018 | from CAMH Education

Featured Resources to Support Families for Family Day 2018

Celebrating Family Day is about celebrating families and appreciating the caring that family members offer each other. As part of Family Day, CAMH recognizes the crucial role that families have in supporting their loved ones.

New manual to help families cope with schizophrenia

CAMH’s newly released Supporting a Family Member with Schizophrenia gives families a new reason for hope and celebration. This guide offers practical strategies for daily living. The support strategies in the manual can help people with the illness to really engage in life—to be able to work, study, enjoy their leisure time and have meaningful relationships. The strategies are based on an intervention called cognitive adaptation training (CAT), which helps people get around the cognitive challenges of schizophrenia.

As part of this initiative, the manual is also accompanied by educational videos that demonstrate how a parent, sibling or other family member can implement the simple in-home strategies—or “environmental supports”— to help their relative take the first steps to recovery. These videos can be downloaded on an online site, schizophreniafamilystrategies.com, along with various signs, forms and checklists that people can use in their own home or customize to fit the specific needs of their relative.

The manual can be found on our store at:


Family Resource pamphlet to support families

It’s Family Day EVERY day at CAMH’s Family Resource Centre!

One of the most popular resources at the FRC is a pamphlet we created titled When a family member is unwilling to seek help.

This pamphlet addresses a situation many family members and friends find themselves in—the loved one they know needs help doesn’t think they need help at all, and refuses to seek help.

Subjects covered include what the family member or friend can do, how to talk to your loved one, how to prepare for a crisis, whether a loved one can be forced into treatment, what Forms 1 and 2 are about and how to obtain them, as well as resources and support for family members of all ages, and crisis lines.

Here’s the link:

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